Heading South

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My wife’s (large, multinational) employer needs her to head down to Nicaragua for a “western hemisphere team meeting” in late May. What an excellent excuse for a family vacation! Nicaragua seems to be politically stable these days (no more Contra war), and it’s full of beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes. I get to practice my rusty Spanish (which I used to be pretty good at), and carry around a toddler to interesting sites while my wife sits in meetings. What could possibly go wrong? 🙂

Preparing to leave, we stopped by the local travel clinic to get some immunizations.

  • Tetanus shot. Check.
  • Typhoid shot. Check.
  • Hepatitis A shot. Check.
  • Malaria pills. Check.
  • Cipro pills for “traveler’s diaherrea”. Check.

Yessirree, sounds like fun times await!

2 Responses to “Heading South”

  1. eric h

    Just three shots? Wuss. When my wife and I went to VietNam I believe I got three in one arm and two in the other.

  2. Schmunzel

    dont forget rabies