Two Great Computer Summits

This entry was posted by on Sunday, 15 October, 2006 at

I’m back in Silicon valley this week, attending two different gatherings.

The first was yesterday, a summit for mentors who participated in Google’s Summer of Code program. It was really incredible — about 80 representatives from a huge array of open source projects all gathering at Google to talk about their experiences mentoring students. Fitz and I got to give our fun ‘how to protect your project from poisonous people’ talk that we gave at the last OSCON, and it was like a group therapy session. Lots of nodding heads and empathy all around.

Monday through Wednesday of this week is the very first Subversion Developer Summit. Subversion has a thriving developer community, but we’ve never actually gathered in one place before… most of us have never met in person! So we’re going to be holed up in a big conference room at Google this week, planning the future of Subversion. Results of our discussions will probably be posted to some sort of group blog.

Fun times!