Video crack

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So here I am, 33 years old, and I’ve never had cable TV before.

Until now.

Not sure why we finally ordered it, but my wife and I were just sick of fuzzy-blurry reception on our TV channels. We were tired of adjusting the rabbit ears every time we changed the channel. And we dreamed of HGTV and Food network.

So, we got satellite TV installed, which also happened to come along with a DVR. Now I can not only pause and rewind live TV, the thing will record programs for me automatically. And there are so, so, so many channels to surf. I can’t stop flipping channels. It’s all so… overwhelming.

Hopefully the addiction will wear off soon. Friends say that after a week or two, I’ll only be watching a handful of shows that the DVR captures for me.

3 Responses to “Video crack”

  1. If you ever feel like ponying up for HBO, I recommend “The Wire”, a very realistic cop drama. I haven’t the slightest idea of your taste in drama, so I don’t know that you’ll actually like it, but … it’s the only thing on TV that I make time to watch (as opposed to half-watching because I’m in the living room, and the TV is on, and my wife is watching something).

  2. You’re doomed, dude.

    Just remember that, when you watch TV, you are the product.

  3. You’re not having the full experience until you plug the cable directly into your brain, just so you know.