A Peek at Google Chicago

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The Google Chicago office (where I work) recently won an award from Crain’s Chicago Business magazine as the “best place to work in Chicago”. As part of the press, a reporter followed me around the office for a few days taking photos, movies, and interviewing me and Fitz about our corporate culture. The final result was a short article in the magazine, and a fancy web slideshow where you can watch photos while listening to the two of us narrate and ramble. This is also your chance to see AND hear us playing guitar and banjo together in the office! 🙂

3 Responses to “A Peek at Google Chicago”

  1. Eric H

    Were there that many of you when I visited a year ago?

  2. Gosh no, there were only 4 engineers a year ago, now we have a couple dozen.

  3. Very cool, Ben!