You know what annoys me?

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…when paper bills arrive pre-tri-folded (to fit in the envelope), and the “detachable stub” has a perforation that is just barely below the fold. It makes it impossible to just tear off the stub without the whole thing tearing into a mess.

I’m just sayin’.

5 Responses to “You know what annoys me?”

  1. eric h

    yup, it’s irked me too for years

  2. It’s like, don’t they do useability testing?

  3. mom

    Why should they do useability testing? After all, it’s not THEIR problem….

  4. Mark

    Ooh yeah, I hate that.

  5. rob

    Hehe, this is one of the great moments when I realise that I am not the only one who notices a “problem”. I get those mailings all the time and they really suck. To be off by just 2mm…