Monitoring Subversion

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A confession: for many months now, I’ve been using the Google Alerts service to help me tune into general net buzz about Subversion. If you haven’t tried the service, I really recommend it. It’s like having a personal PR agent sending you updates about whatever topic you want. Each day, I get an email from Google showing all the latest web pages it’s found that mention all the words “subversion”, “version”, “control”. What I mostly see are blogs talking about people’s experiences with Subversion, but that’s still really interesting stuff. If you have your own pet topic that you want to monitor, give it a try.

In any case, allow me to make one bold statement to the public: the name of the system is “Subversion”, not “SubVersion”. There is no capital V, and there never has been. It’s kind of amazing to me how many times I see “SubVersion” written in these alert-emails.


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