Firefox 2.0

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I tried to like Firefox 2.0. Really. I tried. I’m a huge fan of Firefox 1.5.

The first problem is that it doesn’t feel like a 2.0 release. There’s nothing obviously better or worse about it; all the features are new things under the hood, not normally visible to users. If I secretly swapped your old Firefox for Firefox 2.0, I doubt you’d notice.

That said, I’m still happy about getting the internal improvements like “better phishing protection”, automated search-term suggestions, session resumption, web feed awareness, and javascript 1.7. Seem like nice things to have, even if they’re not particularly compelling.

The thing is, Firefox 1.5 has crashed on me… oh, maybe twice in the last year or so. But Firefox 2.0 has crashed on me every day for a week now. I’ve given up on it for the time being. I’ll wait for 2.1 to see if the stability improves.

4 Responses to “Firefox 2.0”

  1. mom

    Somehow, I get the feeling that you don’t recommend that we all run out and download Firefox 2.0 immediately….
    OK. I can wait.

  2. Mark

    Does it make me some kind of ingrate that I’ve always liked Camino better than Firefox?

  3. Mark – no, it just means you value consistency and facility of the interface, and programs that help you get things done, over weird imports from elsewheresville and imperious expectations that you must adapt!


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