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Friends and family often ask me what I do at Google. I can’t give details, but I can explain in general. And by posting this blog entry, I can refer people here!

Most of this information is available at code.google.com.

I work for Google’s open-source team. Our mission is to promote open source software (OSS) in multiple ways:

  • Opening Google code: …we help internally developed software get released as open source. See our projects page for a list.
  • Publishing Google APIs: …so that people can write 3rd-party applications that use our technology, such as search or maps. See our APIS page for a list.
  • Sponsoring OSS organizations: …we participate, both financially and politically, in important OSS organizations such as the FSF, Mozilla, Apache and Python foundations.
  • Participating in OSS communities: …we participate directly in OSS communities where we have expertise: Apache, Subversion, Firefox, Open Office. We attend OSS conferences and speak about open source.
  • Encouraging new generations of OSS coders… by creating programs like the Summer of Code, whereby we pay students to work with mentors on OSS coding projects.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what sort of things I do. If you’re interested in Google, send me an email, we’re always looking for new people!

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  1. iBanjo » Blog Archive » What I’ve Really Been Working on at Google says:

    July 28th, 2006 at 6:37 pm

    […] Long ago I made post describing What I Do at Google. Namely, I work on the Open Source team, whose mission is to promote open source software development however we can: create more of it, and make it better. Working for a large company like Google, we have two main resources: (1) money, and (2) a massive data-serving infrastructure. Given these resources, how can we accomplish our mission? Our team has been using money in a few ways. We make financial donations to important open source projects, and sometimes even pay people to work full-time on them. We also fund the hugely successful Summer of Code program, which pays hundreds students to work on open source software as ‘virtual summer internship’; the result is not only accelerated open source development across the board, but a whole new generation of open source programmers. […]