Reality Distractions

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It’s been almost three weeks since my father passed, and I’m desperately keeping busy, trying to catch up on weeks of computer and music work. Whenever I stop to breathe, I still feel depressed. I guess that’s normal, though… I expect the depression to last a while.

Still, there’s nothing like a bit of escapism to help distract from the sadness of reality. Why read a book, when you can live the book? I’m referring to MMORPGs, of course. My new favorite game is Guild Wars, which, unlike other online games, does not require a monthly subscription. You just buy the game, then pop online and go adventuring with friends. If anyone out there also plays, let me know, so we can do some online socializing and questing together. I’ve been playing with one friend recently, and it’s really great to do a VoIP voice call while playing … either through Skype or Google Talk. It makes a huge difference.

T minus six weeks till baby. After that, I doubt I’ll have time play games anymore. I’ll probably be too sleep-deprived anyway.

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  1. Bah! Windows only!