American Tuna

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O Albacore! Aged
and most prized, but highest in
deadly mercury.

So PC! From a
certified sustainable
tuna fishery,

And caught by “fishing
families” as well. As they say,
“Families that fish…”

Open the can, and
suddenly surrounded by
cats. A hopeful sign.

Bouquet: ocean brine,
like the bottom of a dock.
Cooked in its own juice.

Solid round of flesh,
not ground bits of cheap-o stuff.
Firm succulent loin!

First slice hard to dig;
tearing a single muscle,
my teeth sink right in.

Nice starting flavor,
like a fine steak on a grill
a long smooth middle

With just a whisper
of smokiness. But alas,
a sub-par finish:

Touch of bitterness
on the tongue. Perhaps the fish
was not so merry.

But au jus delights,
Blithely bathed in own fluids
Salty without salt!

So rich and intense,
there’s my albacore quota
for the remainder.

Pair with soft autumn mornings
or moonlit beaches.

9 Responses to “American Tuna”

  1. Eric Hanchrow

    I take off my hat
    My mouth waters for tuna.
    Outta my way, nerds!

  2. My dear Ben, I fear
    your mercury addled brain
    is finally cook’d

  3. Andre

    I would not have ever thought that you’d start smoking pot so close to the birth of your second child.

    A Haiku about tuna complete with photos…!?!

    Never thought I’d say this, but isn’t there a D & D game or some text adventure that you’d rather be spending your time on?

  4. A pinnacle of
    tuna appreciation
    heretofore unseen.

  5. Sam

    Canned tuna lovers
    So incomprehensible
    Me, can’t stand the stuff


    Ok, maybe tuna isn’t all that bad. Either way, love the haikus!

  6. L Marie

    This particular brand of tuna has been found to have very low or even no mercury.

  7. L Marie is Right…

    First of all, Thank You for the Appreciation of our Product but the mention of “deadly Mercury” does NOT APPY TO OUR PRODUCT. We privately test for Mercury concentrations in all varying sizes of our Albacore Tuna at the Oregon State Seafood Laboratory for consecutive years running. Our “small” 12-25lb Albacore are proven to have very low completely safe Mercury content. All fish in the ocean have an amount of Mercury, some species more than others. There is a direct correlation between size of Tuna and Mercury Content. We have 100% Traceability over every can of Albacore back to Harvest Vessel; meaning our fish are 12-25lb, Mercury Safe Albacore. There is NO OTHER COMPANY currently using a third party documented chain of custody to give the customer a knowledge of Exactly WHERE THE TUNA CAME FROM.

    Others Write”Mercury Safe” and “Minimal Mercury” on there product but Do Not Maintain the Traceability, and Do Not Test Privately to ensure there products safety, and thus have no back-up to support there Claims. Do not believe everything you read in the paper, hear on the News, or see on a package. We research, document, and Provide all necessary back-up to prove our products safety for you nutritionally and for the Ocean Environmentally. Pole Caught One at a time, Sustainable, Safe, American Albacore. Other Brands have No Traceability (documentation back to harvest vessel) and could be caught anywhere in the world, by any method, and be any size fish. Consumers need to demand Certified Documentation for there Seafood to even have a clue of where and what they are eating.

    FYI: Albacore have a very high Selenium Level Naturally, those who have had Mercury issues know that Selenium helps your body to break down Mercury and remove it from your system. Our Products High Selenium and Extremely Low Mercury Make it Safe to eat for anyone on a Regular Basis.

    Thank you for supporting our Product and American Fishing Families. In these times of competition with Unregulated, Highly Destructive fisheries all over the world, making a commitment to support something better for you and for the ocean means the world more people and families than you could ever know. All the Best.

  8. Thanks Joel, I had no idea! The tuna was amazingly delicious, but I had no idea that you guys traced and tested the mercury levels. I’m simply espousing the general wisdom that albacore tend to be the largest, most mercury-laden species of tuna — and then consumers need to watch out for it (compared to smaller skipjack and such.) Perhaps you should advertise the low-mercury feature of your tuna on the can (I see the info on your website now!)

  9. Two great tastes that taste great together —

    Michael Coté today ( [www_drunkandretired_com]) advises us to “Stop Eating Boring Tuna” ( [crazylinks_tumblr_com]).

    Since this blog is about tuna that’s anything *but* boring, the two of you just had to be introduced.