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SGF File Format FF[4]

This is the official specification of the SGF FF[4] standard.

SGF is the abbreviation of 'Smart Game Format'. The file format is designed to store game records of board games for two players. It's a text only, tree based format. Therefore games stored in this format can easily be emailed, posted or processed with text-based tools.
The main purposes of SGF are to store records of played games and to provide features for storing annotated and analyzed games (e.g. board markup, variations).

Last updated: 2006-08-06
See history for changes.

For users  
Users guideAn user orientated introduction to SGF files
Tools and more 
SGFC SGF Syntax Checker & Converter
Web interface to SGFC
Example file An example SGF file plus pictures to show the basic and sophisticated features of SGF
For developers SGF Specification
Archives Tar-archive (gzip) of all HTML files (excluding discussion, FF4 example, FF[1], FF[3] and SGF syntax checker)
 Specification Supplements
UTI-Specification For Apple systems: a proposal for a Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) for SGF files (currently in draft status)
Changes to FF[3] To get a quick overview of what's new in FF[4] have a look at the changes from FF[3].
CompatibilityCompatibility issues
ConvertingConverting old files to FF[4]
Index of propertiesIndex of all FF[1]-FF[4] properties (alphabetical)
  Old specifications
FF[1]Specification of FF[1] by Anders Kierulf
FF[3]Specification of FF[3] by Martin Müller
Style guideStyle guide by Martin Müller (old but still valid)
ArchiveTar archive (gzip) of old specifications
 Email list
Email listA short description and how to subscribe
ArchiveArchive of the email list

Note: Many Go (WeiQi) terms are used throughout the specification, e.g. point is used instead of field or square.

Note: Please pay attention to the difference of mandatory (has to be, must not, ...) and recommended (suggested, should have, shouldn't ...). Mandatory topics HAVE TO be done exactly this way, otherwise it's illegal. Recommended topics should but don't have to be followed. If the application doesn't obey those suggestions then the 'only' consequence is bad style.

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