What are we?

We're software producers of a different kind. Rather than market software the usual way, we openly deny its existence, and challenge our customers to do the same.

Skeptical? Just ask yourself these simple questions:

We urge you to come to the obvious conclusion: there is no such thing as software. It is a mirage, an illusion, and the con artists who have foisted it on an unsuspecting public are some of the most successful swindlers in history.

By buying our products, you will receive nothing of value, but on the other hand we will not claim that you have received anything of value either. In this we differ from all other software companies, who will insist, in the face of abundant evidence to the contrary, that they have sold you a useable and beneficial item. We firmly believe that a marketing strategy based on brutal honesty will be more effective in the long run than one based on deception and mass hypnotism.

Who are we?

We suspect many more people may be involved in this than we know of; for one thing, somebody must be responsible for all the mailing lists and stuff available from this server, and it certainly isn't us.

If you are a blacklist operator or other person working to protect the Internet, and you need more information about this site, please see the About Red Bean page. We're on your side, and are happy to provide the information you need.

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